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We will provide you with several resources – written, visual, and oral – around the topics of women and food. Find here some articles to dig deeper, podcasts to hear the voices of strong women* or other organisations that work to empower women* and make food production sustainable for food producers, food consumers and the planet. “Women and Food” includes also topics like agroecology, ecofeminism, environmental protection and many more that you will discover here at some point.


Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2019 – Women Power in Food Struggles (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese)

Women and the Gendered Politics of Food from Vandana Shiva (English)

Other organisations working on these topics:

Movimiento de Mulheres Camponesas

International Women’s Alliance

Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples’ Mechanism

Food First Information and Action Network (FIAN)


La Via Campesina Justicia Alimentaria


“Women on Farms Project” – farmers and their daughters in South Africa talking about the empowering effect the WFP had on the (video)

“The Seeds of Vandana Shiva” – documentary in production about Vandana Shiva’s life and mission to saving seeds (trailer)

“Gather” – about indigenous food sovereignty in the USA (featuring some female farmers trailer)

“Au nom de la terre” – movie about debts and suicide among farmers (not female farmer specific but a movie recommend to us by one of our interviewees trailer)


Nourrir son homme : cauchemar en cuisine (1/2) (on women in restauration and from minute 28’32 onwards they talk about women in agriculture in French)

The Female Farmer Project: Podcast series on women in agriculture! (in English)

Farmerama: Radio talking about regenerative agriculture featuring some women (in English e.g: “Farming While Black” with Leah Penniman, Talk at the Farming for Future Event by Vandana Shiva, “Agroforestry with sheep & chickens, female farming voices & starting a market garden” at minute 12:04 with Caitlin Hachmeyer)

The newest Twitter Posts:

#8M2022 #WomenInStruggle #NoFutureWithoutFoodSovereignty #StopKillingUs
Join and participate in marches, forums, fairs and actions to demand just public policies & the end of violence against women, people of diverse identities & non-binary gender #LaViaCampesina #PeasantsRights

About the situation of women in France that want to become farmers!
“Femmes paysannes : s’installer en agriculture, freins et leviers”

In every centre of #diversity farmers have enhanced diversity through breeding . Indian farmers bred 200,000 varieties of rice . Mexican farmers evolved diversity of corn.Andean farmers ,potatoes. The #GreenRevolution blind to diversity & farmers breeding .#MonocultureOfTheMind


In laboratories, scientists are trying to solve adaptable crops through gene transfer and genetic engineering, but the people of the Peruvian Andes have been breeding potatoes for thousands of years without genetic engineering.

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