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Update about the project

Hey peeps!

I just wanted to share an update on how the project is growing (spoiler: it’s doing great!). We’ve been visiting two farms, remotely interviewing a woman in France and have several others with who we will record interviews during the coming weeks. Due to Corona we have some difficulties to travel, so it looks like several women will be recorded virtually, which definitely restricts our access to more remote women or women who are not present online. We are very sad about this fact, but at the moment there is not much we can do about it. But this project is like a little plant that is growing; trying to make it’s way up to the sun and has to endure some difficult external conditions from time to time. We hope you can forgive us for focusing on the women that are more accessible (which actually contradicts a bit our aim, but well…). Nevertheless this gives us the opportunity to practice our podcasting, photographing and interviewing skills; because believe us or not, listening to what we recorded makes us sometimes feel really uncomfortable. We never realised before that we often tend to start sentences and never really finish it. So there is still a lot to learn!! We’ve also been going back and forth in our thoughts about who women actually are and who we want to talk to. But that’s a whole other topic on which we will write a separate blog article.

To conclude, the feedback received from female farmers about our project is positive – there really seems to be a need to talk about what they are doing and which obstacles they face. We still have a long way ahead of learning and representing the whole width of diversity there is among female farmers, but we’re motivated to continue this journey!